Problem with put URL and websites

Fred moyer fmoyer at
Wed Apr 16 23:55:03 EDT 2008

Based on replies I have received (thanks for them) I don't think I  
explained the situation properly. Let me try again: Until a month  
ago, I was able to retrieve the drive time between two zip codes by  
using (for example):

    put "" into bunchofText

Up until about a month ago, bunchofText would contain (for example):

    Total Estimated Time: 1 hour 35 minutes

Therefore, it was a simple matter of using offset("Total Estimated  
Time:", bunchofText) to retrieve the drive time between two zip codes.

Then, suddenly my script didn't work. Using Variable Watcher I found  
that bunchofText now contains some mysterious code. It now looks like  

    Total Estimated Time: <span class="timeSpan" id="dirTimeSummary"></ 

Obviously, I now can't retrieve the drive time. Does anyone have any  
ideas what I should do?  Incidentally, I have tried using revBrowser.  
But when I use the following script:

on mouseup
   put the windowid of this stack into tWinID
   put "" into tAddress
   put revBrowserOpen(tWinID,tAddress) into tBrowserID
   revBrowserSet tBrowserID, "showborder","true"
   revBrowserSet tBrowserID, "rect",rect of img "browserimage"
   put revBrowserGet(tBrowserID,"htmltext")
end mouseup

Revolution crashes

Any suggestions/help would be most appreciated!

Fred Moyer

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