2.9 Freeze on OSX

Thomas McGrath III 3mcgrath at comcast.net
Wed Apr 16 14:13:36 EDT 2008

Well, in trying to track down this freeze I started to reinstall some  
of my applications.

EyeTV seems to have no effect on RR Saving.
Flip4Mac WMV has no effect.

iKey brings back the Freeze.

iKey is a software and USB hardware  keyboard (iKeys) combination. I  
use Revolution to use the iKeys keyboard to control my Robots and my  
TV etc. I also use a plugin called irTrans and another software called  
iRed which uses a device called iRTrans (infrared send and receiver).  
This allows me to use Revolution to respond to keypresses on the the  
iKeys and send IR commands via USB to the iRTrans device that then  
sends the IR command to the Robot, TV, etc. I have loved having total  
control over a Robot from a RR interface.

I further uninstalled each of these in turn and they all work by  
themselves and won't cause RR to freeze, except one situation where  
iKeys is set to open at startup in it's preferences window then RR  
freezes. As far as I can tell the application iKey.app is the actual  
start up file in the login items tab in Accounts in System  
Preferences. If I delete this in Login Items but still use the same  
application (but not at startup) then I have no Freeze.

The program iKeys works fine and RR saves just fine, it is only when  
this item is in the Login Items that I am experiencing the Freeze. Yet  
it seems that the login just launches the same exact program (reveal  
in finder in the Login Items preferences pane points to the same app I  

The iKeys app has software and an engine that also has a main menu bar  
iRed has a plugin irTrans and a software iRed to edit and send the ir  
Here is the info from iKeys:

iKey - Easy, Powerful Automation for Mac OS X

Programming by Philippe HUPÉ
Design by Philippe HUPÉ and Julian MILLER
Manual by Adam ENGST

iKey is guaranteed to serve and protect mankind. Mac users anyway!
Web Site:


Tech Support Forum:



ikey-info at scriptsoftware.com

On Apr 16, 2008, at 12:39 PM, Thomas McGrath III wrote:

> From Memory I can remember these were in the Login folder:
> iStat (some plugin - although I had deleted the preference pane for  
> this)
> USBOverdrive
> EyeTV (some plugin - deleted the app before)
> xKeys (some plugin - deleted the app before)
> These apps were installed previously and I un-installed them:
> Google Desktop
> DivX
> iStat Menus
> Version Cue CS3
> Wacom Tablet
> XKeys
> This is still installed:
> Flip4Mac WMV
> SO the only ones that I am questioning are the EyeTV plugin, the  
> USBOverdrive, and xKeys, and iStat
> Tom
> On Apr 16, 2008, at 12:20 PM, Thomas McGrath III wrote:
>> Guess who's computer is no longer FREEZING when saving on OSX in  
>> Revolution?
>> I am sorry that I don't know which ones were creating problems for  
>> me since I deleted a bunch.
>> A very happy Revolution user
>> Tom McGrath
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