Rev cgi server and SSL

Richard Miller wow at
Fri Apr 11 03:01:35 EDT 2008

I have a web page that is secured by an SSL certificate. Users access  
it by going to "https://mywebpage.html". This page sends a cgi  
request (containing credit card information) to my MacMini server,  
located elsewhere. The server is not SSL protected. The credit card  
data is then processed via a Rev SSL routine to a secure payment  
gateway, then immediately discarded.

Is there any security issues with this approach? Do I need to get an  
SSL certificate for the server?

I've noticed that Firefox and Safari post a warning message when one  
hits the Submit button on the web page, saying that while the web  
page is secure, the data is being sent to a potentially unsafe  
location (presumably because the form is directed to an http  
address). Internet Explorer doesn't show any message.

Would it be worthwhile to get an SSL certificate for the server?

Richard Miller

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