Why doesn't start using work?

J. Landman Gay jacque at hyperactivesw.com
Thu Apr 10 19:32:15 EDT 2008

william humphrey wrote:
> Hi
> I got start using to work by first opening the stack which I want to start
> using (even though it used to work just because the stack is a substack of
> my main stack). Seems to me this can't be a bug as someone else would have
> had the problem so I must be doing something wrong.

You should be able to start using a substack even if it isn't open. 
Those are always available. Could your substack have gotten separated 
from your mainstack somehow?

One way to find out why it isn't working is to put this line of script 
after the "start using" line:

   start using stack "my substack"
   answer the result

If there is an error finding your stack, this will tell you.

The order you start using a stack matters. The most recent stack put in 
use is closer to the front of the message hierarchy than others. You can 
actually shuffle the order around by starting to use a stack that is 
already in use, which brings it closer to the front of the message path.

If you have several stacks in use, usually the order doesn't much 
matter. But if one stack script has handlers that are duplicated in some 
other stack in use, then whichever one is closest to the front will 
receive the message. Do you have more than one stack in use? Could there 
be a handler name conflict?

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