Bug? Rev app creates invisible files?

Phil Davis revdev at pdslabs.net
Thu Apr 10 14:03:15 EDT 2008

Has anyone else run into this with 2.9? Have you already BZ'd it?

I maintain an app that has an auto-update feature. It uses 
libUrlDownloadToFile to download files from a server under temp names; 
then it renames them to their correct names, replacing older files by 
those same names.

The process works perfectly with the 2.8.1 engine (Mac & Win 
standalones, Mac IDE) but not with 2.9.0 (tested in Mac IDE only). In 
2.9.0 the newly downloaded & renamed files are invisible from the 
Desktop! But they are there - my app couldn't start up without them.

I was able to make them visible by locating them on my local computer 
with Interarchy and selecting "Reveal in Finder". That made them visible 
from the desktop one by one as I selected them that way.

The phenomenon is not limited to files created with 
libUrlDownloadToFile. It also happens when my app script puts test data 
into url ("file:" & someFileName). The new text file is invisible from 
the desktop.

Thanks everyone -
Phil Davis

PDS Labs
Professional Software Development

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