good Rev demos

Colin Holgate coiin at
Thu Apr 10 11:03:04 EDT 2008

At 3:58 PM +0200 4/10/08, Mark Schonewille wrote:
>Why do you think that Rev can deliver applications via Air or Flex 
>in a faster, more cross-platform friendly way?

That sounds like two things I said mixed together. Flash thingies can 
be made as standalone applications capable of interacting with your 
file system by publishing them as AIR apps. Flex can be used to 
develop rapid Internet applications that are played via the Flash 
player in browsers. In both cases the applications would have a Flash 
or Flex like feel to them, and would be the same on Mac and Windows.

Rev wouldn't do anything via AIR or Flex, it doesn't need to, it 
makes its own applications. And those applications can more easily be 
made to look correct for each OS. For a lot of people that would a 
big benefit, and such apps could be made a lot faster than in Flash.

Sometime I might make some screen recordings of non-game Flash things 
for you to see, but not right now. At the moment I'm trying to 
convince Flash people that Revolution is a tool worth knowing about, 
not the other way around. There are already too many Flash developers!

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