why does this not work and how do you do it?

Peter Alcibiades palcibiades-first at yahoo.co.uk
Thu Apr 10 02:36:18 EDT 2008

Jacque and Mark -  thanks, "select the text of" does indeed work.  I'd
tried 'select after' which did not work.

It must definitely be a bug then, and apparently specific to the Linux
Its a very specific problem.  Its not that focus on field does not work.  On
same screen I have a backup handler at card level to trap miscellaneous
mouse clicks and
restore focus to the field.  That one does work fine.  

The thing seems to be, if you start out with the cursor in a field and focus 
on the field,  then do something which places focus on another object, 
even if the handlers for that object try to restore focus on the field they
cannot do it with 'focus'.  Though they can do it with 'select'.

Obviously this is not what you'd expect, its inconsistent behaviour.  You'd
expect focus on field to work the same wherever it is found, and it don't.

Its also not very good, because from the user point of view, what he/she
is the cursor flashing normally in the input field, but for some reason the
keyboard fails to work.  My dear users are totally baffled by this, so I get
calls saying the keyboard is broken!  Well, it must be.  You push the keys
and nothing happens!

The other odd thing about this is,  there is a card script which just does
focus on field
if there is a mouse up.  This works fine if you click anywhere on the
screen.  But it does
not work if it is invoked by 'send mouseUp to this card'.

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