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J. Landman Gay jacque at
Mon Apr 7 00:04:40 EDT 2008

Ralf Bitter wrote:
> Does anyone know under what circumstances  the launch command
> launches an application in an invisible state?
> Is there a Windows shell command to make the launched application 
> visible again?
> I have a windows standalone (runs on XP) with a launch command like:
> put "C:/folder/folder/folder/folder/myApplication.exe" into tAppPath
> do "launch" && quote & tAppPath & quote
> This launches the application, but it is not visible. I can see the 
> entry in the task manager.
> There is no problem with the Mac standalone.
> Did a quick test with another standalone, which does nothing but launch 
> the said application.
> It uses the same handler and it works as expected.
> So, this must have to do with something specific to my standalone.
> This is in version 2.8.1. Any idea, anyone?

Does it work if you leave off the quotes? For example:

   launch tAppPath

The variable is automatically treated as though it is quoted, so you 
don't need the extra ones. I don't really think that's the problem but 
it is easy to try.

I'm interested in knowing if you figure this out. Someone wrote to tech 
support and said the launch command wasn't working, but after seeing 
your post I wonder if it is launching invisibly instead. He is running 
XP like you are.

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