ODBC MS SQL Problem with 2.9

runrev260805 at m-r-d.de runrev260805 at m-r-d.de
Sat Apr 5 18:24:14 EDT 2008

I am having a problem with a stack, which runs under 2.81 without problem, but not under 2.9.

I connect to a MS SQL Server via ODBC. 
My select-expression normally retunrs about 20 lines. With 2.9 i only get one (incomplete) line.

I added "forward only" to the revopendatabase command, as this is ,according to the dictionary, compatible with 2.8.1.

I also tried the 2 other cursor types, also without success.

My revopendatabase command looks like this:
get revopendatabase("ODBC",odbc_name,,db_user,db_user_pass, "forward only")

Has anyone an idea what could be wrong here?


Matthias Rebbe

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