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Hi Dan,

> I read that Valentina is a single user database.  From page 251 of the
> Revolution user guide:
>     Valentina is a fast, efficient single-user database engine for
>     Mac OS X, and Windows systems.

Well, this means only that Runtime guys should update their docs. :-)
Valentina Server exists about 4 years already.

> I went to Valentina's web site, but yicks!  I can't make heads or tails out
> of any of it!

You need download and install

A) Valentina for Revolution ADK

    this allow you develop Revolution apps with Valentina local engine
    AND/OR with Valentina client to access remote Valentina Server.

    on left side you can see menu with links to download and docs.

B) Valentina Office Server

    this is SERVER, like mySQL or Postgre. You can install it on the same
    localhost, or on remote computer.
What else is not clear, Dan?

Also from your letter is not clear if you want/need install only single
SERVER, or you talk about some application solution that you need deploy to
hundreds of customers?

Where you want install server?  Should it be on some ISP hosting, or this is
e.g. some schools or other companies?

> -Dan
>> Not at all! for starters:
>> FAST: Valentina              
>>> Greetings!
>>> If I'm using Revolution standalones on a series of clients, and I want to
>>> store semi-large to large amounts of data on a server and allow multiple
>>> users access to this data simultaneously, is my ONLY choice MySQL - on a
>>> server that allows remote SQL data access?  Are there any other options?

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