AW: 2.9 and wmv video?

Tiemo Hollmann TB toolbook at
Fri Apr 4 12:40:18 EDT 2008

Hi Jim and Mark,
I must be missing something very simple, but I don't find the trick.
When using the player object, just nothing happens, a mov in the same folder
is being played fine with the same statements (beside "set dontuseqt to
When using plain "play", a small audio "knack" is being heard, but no video
is seen. (same with a mov)
To be on the safe side with the default folder I referred with the whole
path "C:/.../foo.wmv" to the file
Any other thoughts what I could be missing?

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> HI Tiemo
> Play videoclip is for imported movies. You can refer to imported
> movied by using the videoclip object.
> To play a file, simple refer to the file path only: play "foo.wmv" (if
> foo.wmv is in the default folder).
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