activating palette loses textselection?

Klaus Major klaus at
Tue Apr 1 09:27:46 CDT 2008

Hi Richard,

> Klaus Major wrote:
>> I have a couple of palettes and toplevel stacks open here.
>> Now when I select some text in a field of a non palette stack
>> and click on a button/list field in a palette, the selection  
>> disappers,
>> so "the selectedchunk" is empty in that case.
>> Too bad if you are working on a text-formatting palette window :-)
>> BUT this does not happen with all palettes (only with the text   
>> formatting thing, of course!)?!
> Which palettes does this not happen with?

My "2lzs2" palette for instance.

> I've not been able to find a good solution for my own text  
> formatting palette, so on the recommendation of some of the folks  
> here I store the current selection when the mouse enters the  
> palette, then restore the selection when they click.  Dumb, I know,  
> but it gets me through the day.

I already store "the selectedchunk" but "restoring" it again is a  
good idea :-)

> It seems the core issue here is that Rev requires that the  
> selectectedField always be either the focusedObject or empty,  
> precluding the notion of a field having a selection but not having  
> focus.
> This is, of course, counter to the way UIs work. In fact, most go  
> further to even allow text selection in inactive windows.
> I think there's a RQQC request for this, but I couldn't find it  
> this morning.

Anyway, thanks a lot for this hint!

> -- 
>  Richard Gaskin
>  Managing Editor, revJournal


Klaus Major
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