cgi + mySQL "revdberr,invalid database type"

jbv jbv.silences at
Fri Sep 28 11:19:07 EDT 2007


you need to install the Rev mySQL drivers along with the cgi engine.


> I have on a linux web server a MySQL database created and managed from my
> desktop Windows computer by a Revolution stack (Vista + revolution/windows
> 2.81) ; it works ok.
> On the same web server i installed revolution/linux 2.51 as a cgi
> application and it works ok for producing web pages.
> Now i try to have my cgi scripts fetching data from my mySQL database.
> If i try
> put revOpenDatabase("MySQL",myURL,myBase,myName,myPassword,0) into
> databaseID
> i am answered "revdberr,invalid database type"
> For the param myURL, i tried the URL of my site, the IP of my site,
> "localhost" and "", but no one works.
> I am sure that the params myBase,myName,myPassword are OK because they
> open succesfully the database from my desktop stack.
> I guess that something is wrong in the installation of Revolution on the
> linux server. i CHMODed all revolution files to 755
> Was someone successfull in managing a mySQL database from revolution as
> cgi ?
> Claude

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