Do stacks have controllable levels?

Scott Morrow scott at
Thu Sep 27 01:29:25 EDT 2007

  It isn't exactly the look you are describing but what about using  
the revChangeWindowSize command (with slide) in order to simulate  
closing and reopening "Panel x"   Panel x could consist of  multiple  
groups that could be hidden and shown as needed.  The main window  
could expand or shrink in order to expose or hide the "Panelx" group(s)

Also, though not cross platform,
     drawer stack "Panelx" at right in stack "LargeWindow"
should work

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On Sep 26, 2007, at 9:45 PM, Paul Gabel wrote:

> Hello everybody:
> I have a large stack and a small stack (Let's call the latter  
> "Panel x").
>  ________________  ____
> |		| |    |
> |		| |    |
> |		| |    |
> |		| |    |
> |_______________| |____|
> From a script, "Panel x" needs to slide behind the right side of  
> the large stack and switch to another panel ("Panel y") which  
> slides back out. The problem is that I can't consistently control  
> which is on top.
> 1. I tried drawer "Panel x" but the stack disappeared. The only way  
> I could get it back was by quitting Rev and reopening. Anyway, I'm  
> aiming for cross-platform.
> 2. I tried to keep the large stack on top by temporarily using  
> modal or systemWindow, but both cause the large stack to close and  
> reopen which is unsightly. If I use lock screen, the large stack  
> turns white during the process.
> Sometimes "Panel x" slides on top the first time I do it and then  
> slides behind the second time. Is there a consistent method of  
> controlling stack "levels"? Thank you.
> Paul Gabel
> Rev Studio 2.8.1
> Mac OS X 10.4.10
> iMac Intel_______________________________________________
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