Do stacks have controllable levels?

Paul Gabel paulgabel at
Thu Sep 27 00:45:04 EDT 2007

Hello everybody:

I have a large stack and a small stack (Let's call the latter "Panel  
  ________________  ____
|		| |    |
|		| |    |
|		| |    |
|		| |    |
|_______________| |____|

 From a script, "Panel x" needs to slide behind the right side of the  
large stack and switch to another panel ("Panel y") which slides back  
out. The problem is that I can't consistently control which is on top.

1. I tried drawer "Panel x" but the stack disappeared. The only way I  
could get it back was by quitting Rev and reopening. Anyway, I'm  
aiming for cross-platform.

2. I tried to keep the large stack on top by temporarily using modal  
or systemWindow, but both cause the large stack to close and reopen  
which is unsightly. If I use lock screen, the large stack turns white  
during the process.

Sometimes "Panel x" slides on top the first time I do it and then  
slides behind the second time. Is there a consistent method of  
controlling stack "levels"? Thank you.

Paul Gabel

Rev Studio 2.8.1
Mac OS X 10.4.10
iMac Intel 

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