Rev and import snapshot not compatible with Aero and Vista

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Wed Sep 26 19:03:44 EDT 2007

curry wrote:
>>Chris tracked it down and it turns out that Rev's
>>import snapshot does not work with Aero on Vista.
> This is a feature I need, and with a quick test it seems to work okay for
> me, both regular and of-control mode--with Home Premium. So it messes up
> in Vista Business? Any more info?

Actually, there are two versions of Vista Home, and Aero isn't included 
in Home Basic but is in Home Premium.

This video may help clarify purchasing options among the 16 different 
versions of Windows Vista:

As for other info, the import snapshot command is broken on OS X too (it 
actually works, but provides no feedback for the user, no shaded 
selection region.

On the bright side, this is among the very few regression errors in 
v2.8.1.  On the dark side, this is/was a pretty popular feature.

Still praying for a v2.8.2 to address this.....

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