Revolution character sets showing up differently between Mac and Windows

Klaus Major klaus at
Sun Sep 16 04:48:19 EDT 2007


> I've got an application that pulls in data from a database, some  
> data which contains foreign characters (French/German characters  
> (a's o's with dots above them, etc).
> On Windows XP, the data shows up perfectly.
> On Mac OS X, many of the foreign characters are rendering  
> completely wrong within the Revolution text field.
> I've tried searching the docs for UTF8 and double-byte characters  
> and anything else I can think of.? Is there something special I  
> need to do in Mac OS X itself to fix this problem, or is there a  
> Revolution call/setting I should be using?

maybe "ISOtoMac(your data here)" is what you are looking for?


Klaus Major
klaus at

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