Crash - error 0xc000005

Arie van der Ent arietext at
Sun Sep 16 02:48:40 EDT 2007


It  is not the framework – EmpDB – that's  causes the trouble,  it 's  
the logic I built in some of my own substacks.  I am working on OSX  
10.4.10 also and it works fine. Errors  occur in the Windows  
standalone. I think Ihave  to rebuild  the whole thing and test it  
part by part.

Arie van der Ent

Arie's  Koppieshop  - The Netherlands

Op 15-sep-2007, om 21:19 heeft Richard Gaskin het volgende geschreven:

> Arie van der Ent wrote:
>> It is the first standalone I made for Windows. The application is   
>> based on the Employee Database of Richard Gaskin. There is a  
>> stack  that can be cloned en filled with data (first card). The  
>> cloned stack  exists of 10 cards. After filling in the data the  
>> first card the  results are shown on the next cards. On openCard  
>> en closeCard there  is some action to get he results en built the  
>> graphics. During this  action the screen is locked. The error  
>> occurs during the navigating  between the cards.
> I'm unable to reproduce that here, but I would be interested in  
> seeing the crash if I can.
> I tested on OS X 10.4.10  -- which OS are you using?
> I'm surprised the EmpDB has held up as well as it did.  Until this  
> morning I haven't built a standalone from it in many years.  It has  
> some bugs (e.g., "Go Previous Record" doesn't work) and no longer  
> reflects how I would build such a critter, but for learning a few  
> things while getting started it may not be horrible.
> If I could find the time I wouldn't mind updating that.  But client  
> work takes a priority, and lately I've had plenty to keep me occupied.
> But it's good to know someone's using it.  Helps motivate me to get  
> around to an update when I can....
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