[ANN] Seamless Tiles Generator 2

Wilhelm Sanke sanke at hrz.uni-kassel.de
Thu Sep 13 16:15:29 EDT 2007

On Wed, 12 Sep 2007 "Chipp Walters" <chipp at chipp.com> wrote:

> Wilhelm,
> A truly remarkable effort, especially for Rev. I also liked your
> different matrix filter, but wonder why you excluded blur? Great,
> great demo stack
> -Chipp


Thanks for the feedback.

 From the more than 200 filters of the "Imagedata Toolkit Preview 3"
 I selected a few for "seamless tiles" that I thought to be useful for 
background patterns (web pages, screen-, stack-, and card-patterns etc.).
There are 6 kinds of matrix blurs (button "soften") in the Imagedata 
Toolkit stack and 3 scripted blurs - i.e.not using the matrix format - 
of which "progressive blur" and "extreme blur" are especially powerful 
and new.
Then there is the interesting  "jitter" filter which I adapted to the 
Revolution language from the "gluas" language used with the "Gimp" photo 
Still another form of "blurs" are the various "noise" filters in my stack

All these filters could be easily integrated into the "Seamless Tiles" 
application, which IMHO is somewhat more than a demo stack, but of 
course it "demo"nstrates possibilities and the potential of Revolution.



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