Escaping from Repeat loops

Alejandro Tejada capellan2000 at
Wed Sep 12 20:29:59 EDT 2007

Hi Mark! :-)

on Tue 11 Sep 2007
Mark Smith wrote:
> Alejandro, there is a global property
> "allowInterrupts" that should  
> be set to true by default - it means that you can
> escape from runaway  
> loops by pressing "command period" on a mac or (I
> think), "control  
> period" on windows.

Yes, but does not works in my side... :(

> If this is not working, then type "set the
> allowInterrupts to true"  
> in the message box, and it should then work.
> If that fails (though it shouldn't), you can always
> do something like:
> repeat forever
>    if the controlKey is down then exit repeat
>    do loop stuff.....
> end repeat
> so holding down the control key will exit the loop.

Ah, Many thanks. :-)
This code is going to help me a lot.

Does exists some way to stop the faulty loop
and continue to process the xml data with 
the next parsing handler, without
user intervention?

In this way, i could log to a file which handlers
fails to process certain xml files and still render
the parts that the code could parse without troubles.

Thanks again for your help! :D


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