strange nested groups behaviour

jbv jbv.silences at
Mon Sep 10 06:09:47 EDT 2007

well, I just found the explanation. "the owner of me" returns
"group date" (for instance), and since each of my groups "search"
contains the same kind of objects with the same names, Rev
checks some lookup table for a group "date" and the first one it finds
is group "date" in group "search1"...

I've been deeply into xml lately and I thought that "the owner of me"
would return some kind of unique object identifier... next time I'll
think twice before coding blindly...


> Hi list,
> I'm facing a strange behaviour regarding nested groups.
> I have a substack that contains 12 groups named "search1" to
> "search12". Each group contains various objects (exactly the
> same kind of objects in the same order with the same names),
> among which is a group "date" that contains 3 fields named
> "day", "month" and "year".
> Here the strange behaviour : if I put in grp "date" of any grp
> "search" the script line :
>     put the owner of me
> it always returns the right group name ("search1", "search2" etc)
> BUT when I put the following script line in each field of groups
> "date"
>     put the owner of the owner of me
> it always returns group "search1" !!!!!!!!
> Any idea of what's happening ?
> Thanks in advance,
> JB
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