Running in a full screen mode

Brent Anderson brentj84062 at
Fri Sep 7 17:53:09 EDT 2007


Yes it can be. I use the following script.

on goFullScreen -- To go full screen, even in development mode
   if exists(stack "revmenubar") then
     send ("menupick" && quote & "Suspend Development Tools" & quote)  
to btn "development" of stack "revmenubar"
     hide stack "revrestore"
   end if
   repeat for each line x in the openStacks
     if x contains "revOnline" then hide stack x
   end repeat
   hide menubar
   hide msg
   set the decorations of this stack to empty
   set the backdrop to black
   set the rect of this stack to "0,0,800,600" -- Adjust to suit the  
size of your stack
   set the loc of this stack to the screenloc
   toplevel this stack
end goFullScreen

on stopFullScreen -- Return from Full Screen
     show menubar
     set the decorations of the topstack to default
     set the backdrop to none
     toplevel this stack
end stopFullScreen

This doesn't resize the screen however you could use the binary  
cscreen (Scour the internet for it, it is out there) to accomplish  
that. Beware that calling goFullScreen twice in the Development  
Environment has strange results (Usually you can't use the  
development environment until you restart Revolution).

Brent Anderson
Fiery Ferret

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