[ANN] Scripter's Scrapbook 5.2.13 Update

FlexibleLearning at aol.com FlexibleLearning at aol.com
Sat Sep 1 07:12:21 EDT 2007

or  www.ssBk.co.uk

Thanks to continued feedback and  the support of Scrapbook users, an update 
is now available. For full release  notes see 

Update released 1-SEP-2007

This version  is a substantial and recommended update that resolves all known 
bugs, implements  all feature requests from Users, and addresses the visual 
presentation for  further cross platform compatibility. Amongst many, some of 
the key improvements  include...

A smarter, faster and more flexible  interface
New standalones for Windows, OSX PPC, OSX Intel and OSX  UB
Support for Windows Vista
Support for multiple monitors  with independent work space and Scrapbook space
Support for a  'primary' Scrapbook
The optional display of Entry status indicators in  the indexes
Increased window 'real estate' with the 'icon only'  toolbar option
The addition of the 'Frost' color scheme
Improved iconography with an updated 'Parked' Scrapbook  artifact

For full details of all improvements and bugfixes, click  the "What's New..." 
button when you check for an update, or see the release  notes at 

New  Standalones
If you use a standalone to run your Scrapbook/s, you should  download a new 
standalone based on 2.8.1 (not available for Mac OS9) after  updating. You can 
get the standalone of your choice at the on-line library from  your Home 
screen, or from the website. If you download a trial version  standalone 
starter-kit, the new standalone is included.

Built-in  API
We are also happy to announce version 1.21 of the Scripter's Scrapbook  API 
with improvements to the command set, supported by an updated Handbook (both  
the interactive version and the online documentation). The new Handbook is  
included whether you update online as an existing User or download a trial  
version starter-kit.

- Registered and Trial  users should update through the Help menu or in the 

- New  users and those interested in reviewing the changes since an earlier 
trial may  obtain a free 30-day starter-kit at www.FlexibleLearning.com/ssbk. 
You will be  asked if you wish to obtain the most recent version, and if there 
is one it can  be automatically downloaded for you.

- Full size screen shots for both  Mac OSX and Windows XP are at 
www.FlexibleLearning.com/ssbk/preview including  useful mouse shortcuts illustrations.

As always, if you  have a moment to suggest improvements or request 
additional features we would  very much appreciate your feedback at  

Hugh Senior
Home  of the Scripter's Scrapbook 


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