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Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Wed Oct 31 21:32:42 CDT 2007

Dave wrote:
>> What do you mean by "standard"?
> Well there are a number of standard things you might want to do, such  
> as move the bottom, right to grow or shrink the object, move the  
> object, etc. It would be nice to be able to just set a Custom Prop or  
> whatever that said what you wanted to happen and some "standard"  
> driving code pick this up and do the necessary.

Sounds a lot like the GM to me.  It handles a lot of basic situations well.

> I hate using hard object names in scripts and in fact I never do  
> except in a demo or test app. 

There are three main ways to refer to objects with Rev:  ordinal number, 
name, or ID.

The ordinal number is usually the most error-prone, as it changes 
whenever you add or remove objects.

The ID is unique and usually immutable, but has zero mnemonic value so 
it makes scripts very difficult to read.

Unlike an ID, the name of an object is up to the developer so it can 
have strong mnemonic value.  And since just about every Rev object which 
can display its name also provides a label property, you can change the 
visible label of the object without ever needing to change the name.

So I tend to use names much like IDs, but more memorable.  I can change 
the label at any time without ever needing to change the name.

Which of these three ways to refer to objects do you use?

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