Runrev handling of imported bitmaps

capellan capellan2000 at
Wed Oct 31 20:31:36 EDT 2007

Hi all,

Recently i was creating a simple stack image library utility
to reuse images multiple times in a stack.

The result is unworthy to post in this mail list, but
it opened many questions:

How could i recreate the changes in dimensions, ink-effects
rotations, flipping, etc for all the images used in a card,
taken from a library stack?

For example, Xara X1 has a “zero-memory footprint”
approach in which each new image copy requires
no additional memory or file space. Every transformation
to any image is redraw at runtime, so Xara X1 just keep one
original image and in every instance where the image appears,
it is transformed starting from the single untouched original image.
One single image reused multiple times with any kind of
transformations applied to them.

For example, i will like to apply many different ink effects
to instances of a single image and make a composition
with these parts.

Is this somehow possible in Runrev?

Notice, i know that this is possible with multiple
copies of the images, but i look for economy of size
of the stack.

Thanks in advance!


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