Identify Intel processor under 2.6.1

Mark Smith mark at
Tue Oct 30 16:39:21 EDT 2007

Thanks! I think it's quite interesting that the solutions we find  
often reflect the kind of things we've been doing. Because I've been  
doing a lot of playing around with binary data (audio files, iPod  
dictionaries, id3 tags), the question of endianness has been quite  
prevalent. So I saw the problem in terms of endianness. I guess you  
saw the problem in terms of 'systems', and extracting available  
data...both work, but in this case, the binary approach is a little  
more, well, terse :)



On 30 Oct 2007, at 16:29, Ken Ray wrote:

> Wow, Mark... that's a lot easier than what I was doing:
> function isIntel
>   put shell("system_profiler SPHardwareDataType") into tData
>   put matchText(tData,"(?s)CPU Type:\W*(.*?)\n",tType) into tIsMatch
>   if tIsMatch then
>     return (tType contains "Intel")
>   else
>     return "Error: Can't determine CPU type."
>   end if
> end isIntel
> Cool!
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