ANN: BvG Docu + Webnotes patched. (Was Re: The Documentation)

François Chaplais francois.chaplais at
Sat Oct 27 20:01:24 EDT 2007

Le 28 oct. 07, à 01:14, mfstuart a écrit :

> Andre, BvG...
> Any chance the Docu + WebNotes can be a "standalone"? - .exe file
> Mark


Chances are that, if you want it to be a standalone, this will be for 
use outside the IDE. This would require that
1) either the documentation is in the standalone (which causes an 
intellectual property problem)
2) either it is on your hard drive and chances are that you have the 
IDE to run the stack

A third solution would be that Runtime Revolution puts the XML files on 
line, and that a modified Docu standalone fetches them from the 
internet. I guess the runRev team has to appreciate the effect od 
making their documentation public. Can be a tricky bet, I think.


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