Double Clicking App Icon Opens Rev but not the App

Blair Morrissey blairmorrissey at
Thu Oct 25 22:27:12 EDT 2007

I assume that I'm ignorant of some pretty basic stuff. Sorry to  
inconvenience you folks, but I sure would appreciate some help. I'm  
using Rev Studio and OSX 10.4.10

I have an App that I've been using in the development environment for  
several years. I have always opened it and Rev at the same time by  
double clicking the App's icon in the finder.

Now double clicking the App's icon opens Rev, but does not make the  
App visible and does not run the openstack hander in the mainstack.  
However, the App can then be 'opened' using Application Browser.  
Additionally, the same is true for backup copies of the App that are  
several months old. Double clicking their icons opens Rev, but not  
the BU App.

If I open Rev directly (without clicking on an app), I can then use  
the Open command in the File menu to open my App and it does all the  
stuff in the App's  openstack handler.

Double clicking other unrelated Apps continues to open both that App  
and Rev.

I have reinstalled Rev and uninstalled GLX2. The problem persists.


Blair Morrissey

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