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Luis luis at
Thu Oct 25 06:11:35 EDT 2007

I agree, it does seem fairly inconsistent.



On 24 Oct 2007, at 21:36, François Chaplais wrote:

> revolution's documentation is bad mainly because the syntax of  
> Transcript has departed from the natural english approach of Bill  
> Atkinson to more a conventional one like function(arg1,arg2) etc...  
> Frankly, I appreciate to be able to "lock objects" instead of "set  
> the lockWhetever to true".
> I recently had a look at the video library, and I find it awfully  
> complicated to remember all of these RevBit1Bit2 keywords: in some  
> commands, "Video" comes just after "Rev", in others "Video"  comes  
> in third or fourth position: this smells ill assimilated externals.  
> The rev team should start thinking about updating the language and  
> the parser. For instance revVideoGrabDialog could be synomym with  
> "get Video Dialog" or "answer Video" like "answer file" etc...
> Revolution advertises its language as being "natural english"; they  
> should be careful it remains true. This means more reserved words,  
> but not many. On the other hand, if one consider that "grab" for  
> instance, should be a keyword, it should be usable with as many  
> kinds of objects as possible. This is how the language can be  
> merciful (and hence "natural"): by allowing several formulations  
> for the same meaning.
> Francois Chaplais

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