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BNig niggemann at
Wed Oct 24 14:32:18 CDT 2007

I played around with the videopreview on a mac and post this short working
script in case someone wants to get into video preview

-- works on a mac, for windows syntax is a little different, see
-- create a stack, place a button on the stack, set script of stack to this
-- clicking button starts preview, clicking button with optionkey down stops

local keepOnVideoIdleing
on mouseUp
  if the optionkey is not down then
    revInitializeVideoGrabber "videoWin","QT","300,300,620,540" -- size
320X240, coordinates refer to DISPLAY not stack 
    --revVideoGrabDialog "" -- unblock when choosing specific settings like
source etc
    put true into keepOnVideoIdleing
    put false into keepOnVideoIdleing
    revStopPreviewingVideo -- isight LED goes off
    revCloseVideoGrabber -- video screen area is released
  end if
end mouseUp

on showThePreview
  if keepOnVideoIdleing is true then
    send "showThePreview" to me in 50 milliseconds
  end if
end showThePreview

Bernd Niggemann
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