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Jim Ault JimAultWins at
Wed Oct 24 12:36:30 EDT 2007

Planning such an effort so it will serve well into the future is difficult.
I only mention them as food for thought and not something that should delay
progress on improving documention.
I guess one issue could be:
Can the documentation be used if the user is not online?
Not everyone will be developing while connected, for various reasons.

Perhaps the ability to download an updated section on libURL, or arrays, or
custom properties, for use off-line.
Another feature 'request' would be that the entries be cross-referenced to
the [bug.RevVersion.Platform] so that improvements and fixes will have notes
that show status and history.  There are too many versions out there now to
keep track easily.
Of course, a working script library with the option of viewing
--B- beginner comments
--A- advanced comments
--E- expert comments
using check boxes to choose any or all
Moving off topic a bit..  the sample stack library, much like Rev User
Spaces.  Again, Beginner, Adv, Expert ratings.
Showing a working example is worth a 1000 visits to the Dictionary.  I might
be exaggerating, but not by much.
And getting even further off topic, back to the idea of a 'showcase' of very
good solutions, like the beginning HCard stacks, that users could explore.
So many ways to provide documentation and inspiration.

Jim Ault
Las Vegas
Breaktime is over, programming to do.

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