grouping objects by script problem

Klaus Major klaus at
Wed Oct 24 10:57:16 EDT 2007

Hi Ron,

> Hi Klaus
> Thank you for your reply. I tried your script and my implementation of
> it hung after it  created the second graphic. It created the first,
> moved it, then selected it, then created the second and stopped.
> Interestingly, when I walked through it with the debugger, it went
> fine...

Huh? Very strange...

> I tried creating everything in one loop and then setting the selected
> of everything in another loop. This worked but was slower than the do.
> I'm not sure what Eric did that got the 5x speed up. He is right about
> the number of objects relating to the time and one would expect that.
> I had been hiding the wd and of course that did speed things up

Yep, "lock screen" would be sufficient.

> compared to watching every field and graphic get created and placed
> ,but the real speed up came when I locked messages before creating and
> selecting all the objects. It rendered time difference between the
> "select as you go" and the "do" method insignificant. It went from
> 60-90 tics to less than 5 for both methods so I'm a happy scripter.

Fine then :-)

> Thanks
> Ron


Klaus Major
klaus at

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