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Luis luis at
Wed Oct 24 05:56:47 EDT 2007

Aside from the public 'notes', there should also be a private area.
Not everyone is online all the time, and some personal notes may just  
be a reinterpretation of the public notes.

Should the 'online' notes be downloaded to a local DB for offline  
access? Indicated by a change in border colour? Or plain and simply  



On 24 Oct 2007, at 04:23, Kay C Lan wrote:

> On 10/24/07, Mark Swindell <mdswindell at> wrote:
>> Talk seems to keep coming around to a Wiki, but I'm not sure what
>> advantage that has over a "perfected" BvG Docu plugin.
> I'm with you Mark.
> Whilst the offers to whip up some PHP, HTML and JavaScript are to be
> commended, in the end it leaves only a small subset of this List  
> who can
> continue to 'tweak' the baby. With BvG Docu +, all but the greenest  
> newbie
> could enhance it. Sure, some may only enhance it to their only  
> personal
> preference, but others, like Andre, have already enhanced it to the  
> benefit
> of all.
> With the graphic eye of Scott, the database and QT know how of  
> Trevor, the
> network genius of Andre, and the wealth of experience of taking an  
> idea from
> infancy through to reality of Richard, Ken, Jerry and Jim, I just  
> envisage
> that a Rev centred solution would grow faster, bigger and better.
> And you know what would be really cool; some kind of inbuilt blog  
> which
> chronologically detailed all the enhancements made along the way.  
> Not terse
> like 'Changes in this release', but more like the 'Quick App'  
> articles in
> the Rev Newsletter. Bjornke would start with a bit more detail of  
> the whys
> and wherefores of how BvG Docu came about. Andre would add  
> instructions on
> how he added his WebNotes. Sarah would explain how she merged her  
> Scripting
> Conference stack template to be used as the basis of recording the
> development of BvG Docu. Because user input will be so overwhelming  
> Trevor
> will add DB support and explain how he did it, etc etc. If done right,
> basically a moderately competent programmer should be able to come  
> along and
> from scratch build the whole thing, Better Docs + a Project You Can  
> Build
> :-)
> Whoops, sorry, I must be dreaming. I'll wake up soon;-)
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