Replacing a stack

Shari shari at
Tue Oct 23 19:23:18 EDT 2007

I'll definitely post any updates.  I always try to post my final 
solution when I ask a question, so that folks searching the archives 
someday can find it :-)

My stack files all used to be in the same folder as the app, so when 
somebody downloaded a new version, everything was replaced.  They'd 
toss the old folder, and replace it with the new one.

Now all my writeable stacks go into a prefs location due to all the 
permissions issues on newer platforms.  So if they just replace the 
folder, it sees the old stacks and doesn't create new ones.  This can 
be a problem if the writeable stacks were also changed in the update. 
A lot like the problems that VirtualStore creates, using older, 
outdated files.

Hence the need for replacing them on the fly during launch.  Not big 
on fancy installers.  I try to put out apps that "install themselves" 
when you launch.  They create any parts they need on first launch, 

Will keep you posted :-)


>Please keep us updated on your work with this.  I had a similar 
>problem (trying to make sure I had the latest versions of stacks) 
>although I didn't go through the process of looking to see if the 
>main stack was open.  I ended up downloading all the updated stacks 
>(if necessary) and then requiring the user to quit the application 
>(after notifying them that the software was updated).  When they got 
>back in, all the stacks were updated and it started up.
>I would much rather download what I need and then proceed to run the 
>program without the quit step.
>Len Morgan

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