Congratulations Richard, WebMerge on MacZOT.Com

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Tue Oct 23 13:14:48 CDT 2007

Andre Garzia wrote:
> Congratulations on getting WebMerge on MacZOT. I am a huge fan of
> MacZOT and bough half a dozen very good softwares there. First I thing
> I did when I powered my computer today was to check their site. I was
> delighted to find a software from you there. Hope this drives your
> userbase even higher.
> WebMerge is a wonderful and easy way to output my databases to HTML. I
> am always inspired by it when creating my tools. It's a marvelous
> tools Richard and everyone in 4W should have my warmest
> congratulations.
> For those that don't know MacZOT.Com is a promotion site. Each day,
> they have one and one only software at the spotlight, this software
> usually has a big discount for that day only. So each day you're
> greeted by one new software with a nice price tag. I managed to buy
> myself many tools that are precious to me now using this site. 4W
> WebMerge has a 50% discount today there, it's a bargain!

Thank you, Andre.

For any of you who sell your Rev apps commercially, MacZot is a great 
promotional tool.  The site administrator, Lisa Biskup, is extremely 
responsive and well organized, and she's created a control panel that 
makes it a snap for vendors to set up promos like this.

If you sell your wares for a general audience, you really should 
consider contacting to see what you can work out.  Great 
exposure for minimal effort = ultra-high ROI. :)

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