Replacing a stack

Shari shari at
Tue Oct 23 07:56:24 EDT 2007

>   if "UserPrefs" is in the stacksInUse then stop using stack "UserPrefs"
>   delete file prefStack
>   put decompress(the stackData of stack myAppStack) into \
>      url ("binfile:" & prefStack)
>   revert stack "UserPrefs" -- reloads the new one
>   start using stack "UserPrefs" -- if you want

I changed to your suggestion above.  Same problem as before.

However, as a test I quit everything, and without actually launching 
my stack, decompressed the stackData into a new stack to verify that 
the source is good.  When I did this, I got the new version as 
expected.  No "UserPrefs" stack was opened before the decompress into 
url.  And the created stack was as it should be.

I'm experimenting a bit more.  I'm not sure, but revert might make 
the right stack appear in the Prefs folder, however, it prevents the 
entire project from loading and not one stack ends up loaded 
including the pref stack.  Baffling.


WlND0WS and MAClNT0SH shareware games
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