Revolution => Flash

Chipp Walters chipp at
Sat Oct 20 21:13:56 EDT 2007

Andreas, I'm not so sure creating a SWF file from Rev is as difficult
as all that. Perhaps it may be.

In any case, on Wikipedia it says about SWF,

"Although a full specification of SWF is available, it is not an open
format, as implementing software that plays the format is disallowed
by the specification's license."

So, I imagine one could build a Rev app which generated SWF files
which could then be opened using the Flash plugin.

Further investigation led me to this page:

I imagine writing a SWF maker is more tedious than anything else. I
know there are several 'quickie SWF generator' tools out there today,
which build a small subset of a targeted SWF format--- like a banner.

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