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On 20 Oct 2007, at 12:24, Peter Alcibiades wrote:

> Surely the current approach is only explicable in terms of a strategy 
> which
> says, stay in the present niche?  Not that its a bad thing, of course. 
>  Not
> that it is a mistaken strategy, not at all.  Just how it surely is?

Actually every programming language provider would like his own 
language to be the only one, after all then everybody would have to pay 
insane amounts to use that language, no matter how badly it was made.

However to get there, in the current market, one has to give the 
language away for free or for a meagre, razor thin margin. As you might 
guess, "razor thin" does not result in huge allocable manpower for 
anything at all. Therefore every language provider has to prioritise.

On the other hand, some languages have gone free, and normalised, and 
free, and ruled by comitee. Therefore these languages,  like almost 
every free software, have exceptional documentation, but not much in 
terms of a simple user interface.

So if you compare Lua, Python or Perl (I'd add Ruby) with RunRev, 
you're comparing the wrong thing. These are all dominated by their arch 
nemesis, C++, and are niche products themselves there.

RunRev is more comparable with ActionScript (Flash), RealBasic, 
Silverlight or that newfangled Adobe thingy.


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