(OT) Parsing SQL space padded results in Rev]

Len Morgan len-morgan at crcom.net
Wed Oct 17 07:43:25 EDT 2007

At last maybe I can give back a little of the help I've gotten from this 

Where is this output coming from:

apples     |     ti plant              |  prestidigitator      |   key
key         |     prestidigitator     | ti plant        |   apples

That looks a lot like the output of the psql command and not the Rev 
database commands.  Psql is for command line
use but it CAN be used to extract data.  I think the specific option you 
want is \a ("Toggle alignment").  You can use
\? from within psql to get a complete list.

Just in case that is NOT the problem, what are the field types for the 
columns you're looking at?  If they are varchar(xx)
or text, you won't get any padding (by Postgres anyway).  If they are 
char(xx), they will always be padded out to
the length of xx.

If you don't have too many queries to rewrite (and you HAVE to use 
psql), you can always CAST the return values.
For example:

SELECT charField1, TRIM(charField1) FROM mytable ;

The first field will be padded, the second not.  You can of course leave 
off the first field in the query.

Hope that helps.

Len Morgan

Sannyasin Sivakatirswami wrote:
> (I'm reading in the Rev use list on this one. I'm
> sure this has been tackled and solved 1000
> Times already, getting clean data back from SQL queries)
>> At 12:23 PM 10/14/2007, SKTS wrote:
>>> but the number of spaces varies...
>> Sadhunathan Nadesan wrote:
>> huh, are you sure?  seems like that would be consistent ... or, 
>> couldn't vary too much .. how many different patterns? two, three?  
>> maybe i will try this when i get a chance
> Ummm, what am I missing:
> Space padding must *always* be infinitely variable,
> n'est ce pas? otherwise how do you get
> apples     |     ti plant              |  prestidigitator      |   key
> key         |     prestidigitator     | ti plant        |   apples
> to line up?
> Anyway, this sure seems a hack anyway you cut it.
> PostGreSQL *must* have a -* parameter to return results
> without any space padding.
> Select * from trivia where fld_whatever = 'key';
> should be able to return:
> apples|ti plant|prestidigitator|key
> key|prestidigitator| ti plant|apples
> ??
> Om
> Sivakatirswami
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> a family of wild boar now living on the land? digging
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