scrolling groups programatically?!

Björnke von Gierke bvg at
Tue Oct 16 16:24:04 EDT 2007

put the vScroll of group 1
put the hScroll of group 1

I found out, I too forget what command/property works for which 
effect/object all of the time, rev just has too many keywords 


On 16 Oct 2007, at 22:13, Andre Garzia wrote:

> Hello Friends,
> its me again, I am very verbose today. I have a big group whose rect 
> is set
> to a small area of the stack. I can use the scrollbars that rev
> automatically adds to it to scroll the group. Now, if I want to code 
> my way
> to scroll the group, how should I proceed? I have a find function that 
> finds
> the correct group element that should be displayed, I want to scroll 
> so this
> element becomes visible...
> I tried checking the thumbpos of the group, to no effect, I was just 
> wishful
> thinking. Is there a way to fiddle with groups scrollbar?
> thanks
> Andre
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