Doing in RR what we used to do in HC.

Mikey mikeythek at
Mon Oct 15 15:34:56 EDT 2007

I would argue that in addition
3) There are still production HC stacks in use (I know I have two that
are otherwise considered mission-critical, and still perform well for
what they're intended to do)
4) People who were around in the HC days that have transitioned to RR
have, for whatever reason, never lost their love for HC and what they
were able to accomplish in HC.  I also fall into this camp.
5) HC was the first fill-in-blank-here that folks used (RAD tool,
programming language, whatever).  I don't fall into this camp, but I
would say that HC was the first development environment I really,
really loved using, even though I was programming for around 15 years
at that point.  Heizer Software made a ton of money on me.

I'm not sure that there isn't a document that describes the
differences.  It's on the website.  However, it might not be as
complete as one might hope.

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