"on enterKey" not working

Mark Swindell mdswindell at cruzio.com
Sun Oct 14 21:06:02 EDT 2007

Besides clicking on a card background, how do you set the focus of a  
card to the card itself?

If you click on the card, not on any object or background image, the  
focus is removed from all possible suspects/object.  But if you click  
on an image whose traversalOn is true, for example, it retains the  
focus, and the enterKey message is trapped.  If its traversalOn is  
false, then there is no effect and any previously focused objects  
retain their focus.

Yet, "focus on this cd" in the image script states that the card is  
an invalid object.  How do you remove the focus from all objects on a  
card in one fell swoop, and give it to the card?  Could this be the  


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