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Sun Oct 14 16:45:00 EDT 2007

François, check "Launch" in the docs:

Launch <documentPath> with <applicationPath>



On 14 Oct 2007, at 20:46, François Chaplais wrote:

> err, forgive me if this a faq, but is there a way to to an "open  
> filename with application" as in hypercard?
> here is the doc
> open application
> open fileName with application
> The open command launches another application program or opens a  
> document with another application from within HyperCard. You must  
> provide the full path names for the files if they’re not at the  
> same directory level as HyperCard.
> Under the Finder in System 6, HyperCard sends the suspend system  
> message to the current card before turning over control to the  
> application.
> If HyperCard can’t find the document or application, it displays a  
> directory dialog box and asks the user to find it. HyperCard also  
> sets the result to Cancel if the user clicks Cancel in the dialog  
> box. Otherwise, it sets the result to empty.
> If HyperCard has problems opening the specified application (for  
> example, there’s not enough memory), it sets the result to  
> "Couldn't open that application."
> Francois Chaplais
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