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Björnke von Gierke bvg at
Sat Oct 13 18:58:26 EDT 2007

On 13 Oct 2007, at 21:32, Paul Gabel wrote:

> As an intermediate Revolution user, I'd like my standalone to be able 
> to send an email by script completely within Revolution, not, as 
> revMail does, require the user to explicitly send it from the email 
> application (in my case — Apple's Mail program). I've looked at Shao 
> Sean's libSMTP and Altuit's altEmailHarness, but these look rather 
> complicated for me and were written at the end of 2005. Is there 
> anything easier, more "built-in," and more recent? Thank you.
> Paul Gabel

Simpler I could use too, but newer? eMail is older then almost any 
other still used internet technology, and hasn't changed since decades.

As for different, there's also Sarah Troz's eMail library. One can find 
it under


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