Moving Rev apps to the web (why isn't this on the horizon?)

viktoras didziulis viktoras at
Sat Oct 13 14:57:06 EDT 2007

another way to go could be expanding Revolution's functionality. First 
by describing something like Document Object Model for Revolution 
stacks. Defining structure (objects, nesting, properties), formatting 
(stylesheets), function (scripts). Then implementing it in any sort of 
xml/css/scripts configuration. From this point on one would be able to 
directly translate to corresponding objects, structures and formating of 
other xml based formats like XHTML/CSS/jscript, or SVG, or anything else...

This would not require tackling with Revolution internals in any way, so 
can be accomplished by anyone motivated highly enough to do this :-)


Derek Bump wrote:
> It may, but I feel it would still require a conversion.  And after
> thinking about this issue overnight I am seeing more on the side of
> Richard and others regarding the cost and timeline for implementing such
> a feature.

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