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Stephen Barncard stephenREVOLUTION2 at
Fri Oct 12 15:00:02 EDT 2007

Brilliant paper, Andre!

Since you are fast becoming one of the leading authorities on 
connecting things Rev and the Web, shouldn't it be you, Andre, that 
does what Jerry Daniels and Chipp Walters have done: Made a product 
so important, unique and compelling that Revolution, Inc. would have 
no choice but to buy it and eventually integrate or bundle it into 
their product?

Or if you set up a project fund method, whatever. I'd pay good money 
for such a product.

It appears you've done tons of reading, research and practical 
applications.  We who've met you know what an intense amount of 
energy and knowledge you have so... congratulations.. perhaps this is 
a 'killer app' for you.

Web Safe elements!! Web Safe Code.  Great idea.

>What we need is a new tools palette with WEB ELEMENTS and a converter
>plugin. This plugin would know how to convert those elements to the web.
>Then Revolution becomes like Apple Interface Builder, you have a set of
>palettes to build an interface that can be accessed later by your web
>application. Instead of trying to convert a stack app to the web, we begin
>from the start building a web application using web safe elements and web
>safe code. This can be created inside revolution right now, it just take
>time and effort.
>This web safe environment would have conventions like "stack script" goes to
>server side component, "card script" goes to UI Logic component. The stack
>controls disposition is converted to CSS using absolute positioning. We
>don't even need the build-upload-debug cycle, we can keep testing all this
>at runtime by a combination of RevBrowser and RevHTTP inside the IDE.
>This is easier shown than explained. I'll build something to show in the
>next two days...


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