3D wireframe demo stack

Chipp Walters chipp at chipp.com
Thu Oct 11 20:15:09 CDT 2007


Nope, the only 2 functions from animation engine are in the doRender
handler in the Main stack script and they are:


The 3D points are kept in a field called 'displayList' on the Import
stack (expand that stack's window to see). After processing, it is
copied to a global for speed (gPoints).

Once you have a models polygons identified, it's easy to rotate them
by using the rotate3Dpoint function, the followed by the
ae3dConvertToScreen function to transfer them to screen
coordinates...then it's a simple matter of setting the points of a
single polygon (yes the wireframe is one poly) to draw it to the

All the rest of the stuff is there for you or anyone to use....except
you'll need to purchase Malte's library.


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