Deleting grouped control deletes group

Jerry Daniels jerry at
Mon Oct 8 20:16:57 EDT 2007


Sarah and I have just been working on this. I was updating GLX2 tabs  
if a deleted object was owned by a tab. As it turns out my code was  
triggering an exit from editBackground mode. Very sensitive fellow,  
that. But it was my bad, not Rev's.

We have rev'd the beta three more times and now have a satisfactory  
solution in place. Delete an object while in editBackground mode and  
no exit of background edit mode, and no secondary delete of an object.

All fixed. GLX2 users, Check for Latest Beta and you'll have the fix-- 
along with some of the new features that will be in the GLX2 2.0.2  
release next month.


Jerry Daniels

Daniels & Mara, Inc.
Makers of GLX2

On Oct 8, 2007, at 7:00 PM, Richard Gaskin wrote:

> Jerry Daniels wrote:
>> Mark, et al.,
>> 1. It turns out that after deleting an object in a group, Rev   
>> switches to non-editbackground mode and reselects the group.
>> 2. At that point a secondary delete key message is sent and the   
>> entire group is deleted UNLESS some code intervenes and stops it!
> Why does Rev do that?
> Know the engine.
> Trust the engine.
> Use the engine.
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