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Mon Oct 8 08:33:37 EDT 2007

On Oct 7, 2007, at 1:34 PM, Peter Alcibiades wrote:

> Open it from within the Beta, and an error message appears:
> An error occurred.  Could not create SQLite database file
> at "/sqlitesampledatabase.db".  Error.  When you do OK, a form now  
> appears as
> if there was a valid database out there someplace.  However, there  
> is not one
> in the Beta folder.

There is a bug in the example stack. Take a look at the  
'databaseConnect' handler in stack "Record Navigator". The handler  
attempts to create a database file based off 'the filename of this  
stack'. This will not work since stack "Record Navigator" is not a  
main stack but a sub stack and has no filename value.

Change it to 'the effective filename of this stack' and it should  
(untested) start working given that you have saved the stack to disk  

Trevor DeVore
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