Web-based Application in Revolution

viktoras didziulis viktoras at ekoinf.net
Mon Oct 8 04:02:55 EDT 2007

  i guess problem with multiple instances can be solved by using Apache 
sqlite module modsqlite which adds db server functionality to the Apache 
web server. It resides in memory all the time, so no new instances are 
initiated, no application startup overheads and cash is not stressed... 
What rocks is the possibility to access sqlite databases directly over 
HTTP like

However because of the security issues database access is possible only 
from and on the localhost. This means that you will not be able to do 
http://mysite.com/test?db=..., but you can easily do 
http://localhost/test?db=... from any cgi application without running an 
external database server.

More info on http://modsqlite.sourceforge.net/


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